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readme file


  1. install editor like vscode
  2. install git
  3. install xampp
  4. Navicat
  5. install node.js LTS (last version)

How to start:

  1. login to

  2. clone willa into your root folder

  3. create new folder /modules in root project folder

  4. clone core, common, ... in this folder with wm- prefix

  5. run composer i if error is 'compsoer' is not recognized as Goto Composer Section in this document

  6. run npm i

  7. restore database with your new .env file. if had error refer to MySql Section

  8. run: npm run dev

  9. run php artisan migrate or Goto: Host Meshkee.local Section

  10. run php artisan key:generate

  11. run php artisan passport:install

  12. before login you need to set username and password for this Meshkee.local business by

    UPDATE `willamall`.`users` SET `cell_number` = 'YOURNUMBER' WHERE `id` = 1 

and then set password by


so your password is : password

or generate your own password by

MySql Section:

  1. make sure install Navicat
  2. open and connect to mysql
  3. open xampp then in mysql admin configuration open my.ini
  4. change max_allowed_packet into 16M

Please Note that add it into mysqld section not mysqldump


Note that we didnt work with mysqldump


Host Meshkee.local Section:

  1. create new virtual host
  2. create new host in etc driver folder as local name service by adding this line of configuration meshkee.local into C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

if it didnt let you to replace host file copy it in desktop, edit it, copy and replace it on host file by copy paste.

Composer Section:

  1. please install and restart vscode
  2. add to environment in path in windows

good luck